Anevay Stories: Amazing Spaces

AMAZING FACES… “We found a stove, a wood burning, gorgeous looking, innovative, tiny little stove…” Becca, Part-Owner of Priscilla the Silver Streak The… Read More

Seasoning Your Camping Stove

One of our favourite things about meeting customers is seeing their battle-scarred and well-adventured Frontier Stoves. They’re a little bit battered, maybe a… Read More

What Is Eco Fuel

We love wood. We love the smell of it, the magical lightness of a well-dried piece of timber, the way it crackles when… Read More

Tipi Sleeves

Now the summer is finally here, a lot of our customers at Anevay have been sharing their tipi tent camping advenutures with us. The mighty… Read More

How Do Rocket Stoves Work?

Inspired by a question on Twitter, we thought we’d share a little bit of information on rocket stoves in general and our Horizon Stove… Read More

How To: Light a Fire

We’re about to turn everything you knew about lighting a fire on its head. Get ready. So the conventional method of lighting… Read More

Our Story

Our roots We got started designing portable stoves for the humanitarian aid world and disaster relief. The brief? 50% of the world’s population still… Read More