Heat Shield

An aluminium heat shield to fix to the wall behind your stove, protecting your wall material and reducing the distance needed between the stove and the wall.

A useful piece of kit for small spaces like sheds and vans: without a heat shield, the recommended distance to the wall is 600mm, but with the heat shield this can be reduced to 80mm.


  • Essential for small spaces as the heat shield means you can have the stove much closer to your wall with no danger to the surface. 
  • There is a gap at the bottom of the shield which draws up the cool air between the wall and the shield. This creates a cushion and keeps the wall material cool and protected. 
  • The aluminium reflects the heat away from the wall and into the room which makes your stove much more efficient. 
  • Comes with 5 holes on each side of the shield to safely secure it to your wall. 

The heat shield is available as a single or corner (double) piece.