“We found a stove, a wood burning, gorgeous looking, innovative, tiny little stove ! We ordered from a local company called Anevay, owned by the coolest couple (Dawie & Mandy).” - Nostalgiainreverse

"The stove kept us super toastie in our bell tent and barely used any logs all evening. Would definitely recommend this company and their products to anyone and as a bonus it’s a Cornish company!" - Happy customer, Ed.

"My whole family would like today a massive thank you for creating the Frontier Plus stove, which literally transformed our recent holiday.
As my husband said, " if wood-fired stoves could be sexy, then frontier stove certainly is"! We absolutely love it. The design and build is pure quality. The heat, warmth and comfort we all felt from our stove on the colder mornings and wet afternoon brought a smile to our hearts. No longer did we huddle together for warmth in our 5-metre bell tent. We felt liberated as our stove's beautiful light/glow lit our tent with magical colours and heat. We really can't rate your product highly enough, it has transformed our camping experience.
- Anevay ambassador, Debi