The Fintan Stove


A CE-approved and efficient multi-fuel stove.

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The Fintan Stove 

Our sturdy CE-approved multi-fuel stove. Similar size to the Traveller, the Fintan can be neatly installed in houses, conservatories, bell tents and houseboats!

The Fintan is similar in design to the Traveller stove, but with the necessary adaptions made to ensure its suitability for permanent dwellings. The perfect stove for smoke controlled areas where the CE approval is required. The Fintan has a heat output of 4 kw and an efficiency of 80.60% so can heat large spaces with ease.

The Fintan also has the added bonus of being our first multi fuel stove. The secondary air vents under the glass door allow air flow up underneath the fuel which gives you the freedom to burn coal as well as wood. The air wash system results keeps the door glass clear and allows for very little cleaning required.

The Fintan comes with two detachable wings either side of the stove top plate giving you plenty of space for cooking. The lid can be lifted to cook directly on the flames so you can boil your kettle in minutes!

Like the Traveller, the stove door has three latch positions to control the air intake over your fire:

Setting one: This is the first setting used when lighting your fire. It directs the air flow quickly through the flames to make the kindling catch.

Setting two: The middle setting to keep the stove at a medium high heat to build your fire.

Setting three: This is the setting with the door almost sealed to keep the stove ticking over to conserve the heat.

Remember: If you will be using 4 inch flue you will need this adaptor which will connect the stove and the flue. If you will be using 5 inch flue, which is most commonly only in permanent structures, you will not need the adaptor.

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Satin Black, Honey Glow Brown


Wood, Coal, Solid Fuel, Eco Fuel

Stove dimensions

Height 53cm x Depth 41cm x Body width 28cm


28 kg

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