Insulated Side Exit Flue Kit


Insulated flue kit to allow the flue to exit through side window.

For the Frontier Plus, Traveller or Fintan Stove

Insulated Side Exit Flue Kit

A brilliant side exit flue kit to enable your stove to exit out of the side of your tent. For use on the Frontier Plus, Traveller and Fintan stoves in all varieties of canvas tent! 

For bell tents with the zip opening in the side, this kit allows you to avoid making the hole in the roof for the flashing kit.

We recommend using this kit with the insulated flue for several reasons. Firstly, there is the extra peace of mind with regards to safety if you are camping with young children or for longer periods of time. The insulation keep the flue a much lower temperature on the outside of the flue while increasing the heat inside the flue. This increases the draw up the flue, giving you a more powerful and easier to control fire.  

The kit includes: 

One meter length of insulated flue section 

Two 90º elbow flue sections

Two Jubilee clips to secure the flue to the stake

Metal stake 

Amazingly easy to fit: First you need to position your stove next to the flap in the side of the tent. Slot the first elbow onto the stove, making sure it is rotated to face the wall, then fit in the insulated flue section and push it through the wall opening. The second elbow fits into the other end of the insulated flue, facing upwards. The Frontier Plus Stove comes with uninsulated flue sections included so these pieces go in next, with the spark arrestor to finish. 

The metal stake sticks into the ground next to the flue and with the help of the jubilee clips, keeps the flue sections stable and secure. 

*With the Traveller and Fintan stove you will need to add some extra flue sections to your order*.

Remember: If your tent has no pre cut opening in the tent wall, or if you would like to install in your shed, you will need a flashing kit. Have a look at our guide for which one you need. 

You may want to also have a look at our uninsulated side exit kits. 

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1 meter length of insulated flue, 2 90 degree elbow sections, 2 Jubilee clips, Metal stake

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