**There can sometimes be a short lead time on the Traveller Stoves so if you need your stove urgently please give us a call on 01872870839**

**You will need the flue to clear the roof of your structure so make sure you have all the length of flue you need**

- The height of this bundle will be 2.6m with a 500mm section of flue internally and 3.1m with a 1000mm section of flue internally.  

- The height of where the flue will exit through the wall will be 1.35m with a 500mm section of flue internally and 1.85m with a 1000mm section of flue internally.  


This bundle includes everything you need to safely exit your flue out of the wall of your structure.


1 x Traveller Stove

1 x 500mm/ 1000mm Single Skin Flue Section

1 x 250mm Insulated Flue Section

1 x 1000mm Insulated Flue Section

1 x Single to Insulated Adaptor

1 x Insulated Bend (45° or 90°) 

1 x Wall Support

1 x Flashing Kit 

 1 x Multi Tool

1 x Coal Shovel

This Bundle includes absolutely everything you need to get your stove installed in your bell tent, yurt, van or home, with the added sercuity of having insulated flue exiting, the double walled flue section cusions the heat at the point that it exits your establishment. 

You can also find more information on all the products included in this bundle on our website and if you have any further questions you can contact us on 01872870839